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Multiple options available for you

*Free consult is only for your first live session.

Dive in - Set YOU up

Set your focus, action items, and plan

Area of focus:

  • Reflect on your career vision, values, and goals

  • Summarize the problem in your career

  • Select actions items towards your desired results

  • Set a schedule to complete your actions items

Activities to support you

  • Your values assessment

  • Your career problem statement MadLib

  • Your action items checklist

  • Your goals schedule matrix

Discover - What YOU want

Discover the right role(s), location(s), and compensation for you

Area of focus:

  • Role(s) and responsibilities you want next

  • Location(s) you want to work

  • Compensation you need, want, and deserve

  • Summarize what you want next

Activities to support you

  • UX role audit

  • Your locations scratchpad

  • Determine your value scratchpad

  • Your career user story MadLib

Define - Who YOU are

Define your experiences, design process, skills, and tools

Area of focus:

  • Quantify the impact of your experiences

  • Outline your Design Process

  • Assess your knowledge of skills and tools

Activities to support you

  • Your design process scratchpad

  • Your experiences scratchpad

  • UX toolbox gap analysis

Multiple options available for you

*Free consult is only for your first live session.

Design - Craft YOUR story

Design your bio, UX Toolbox, case studies, and contact info

Area of focus:

  • Who you are as a Designer and professional

  • What is inside your Design Toolbox

  • How you deliver value via case studies

  • Where you can and want to be reached

Activities to support you

  • About you scratchpad

  • Your UX toolbox scratchpad

  • Your work samples scratchpad

  • Your contact info scratchpad

Develop - Build YOUR story

Develop your resume, LinkedIn profile, and personal portfolio

Area of focus:

  • Tailor your resume(s)

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • Own your personal portfolio

Activities to support you

  • Resume checklist

  • LinkedIn checklist

  • Portfolio checklist

Deliver - Share YOUR story

Deliver when you network, apply, interview, and negotiate offer(s)

Area of focus:

  • Where and how to network

  • Strategies for the job application process

  • Strategies for the job interview process

  • Prepare for interview(s)

  • Practice questions to answer and ask

  • Prepare to negotiate job offer(s)

Activities to support you

  • Networking cheatsheet

  • Job application checklist & tracker matrix

  • Job interview cheatsheet

  • Your interview prep scratchpad

  • Interview practice questions scratchpad

  • Offer negotiation cheatsheet

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Multiple options available for you

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