Our suite of CAREER COMPASS FOR DESIGNERS™ services can support you in any stage of your career journey







Multiple options available for you

*Free consult is only for your first live session.


On-demand access to content that helps you get what you want next in your career journey.

Flexibility to get the help you want when you need it

6 outcome-focused modules | 30 actionable lessons | 300+ pages of interactive materials

Module 0: DIVE IN - Set YOU up

Intro to Career Center, plus set your focus, action items, and plan

  • Assess your career vision, values, and goals

  • Summarize the problem(s) in your career

  • Select actions you want to take toward your desired result(s)

  • Establish a plan and schedule to complete your actions

Module 1: DISCOVER - What YOU want

Discover the right role(s), location(s), and compensation for you

  • Role(s) and responsibilities

  • Location(s) you want to work

  • Compensation you need, want, and deserve

Module 2: DEFINE - Who YOU are

Define your experiences, design process, skills, and tools

  • Consolidate and reframe your experience

  • Articulate your design process

  • Identify experience and gaps in skills and tools

Module 3: DESIGN - Craft YOUR story

Design your bio, UX Toolbox, case studies, and contact info

  • Who you are

  • What you do

  • How you do it

  • Where to reach you

Module 4: DEVELOP - Build YOUR story

Develop your resume, LinkedIn profile, and personal portfolio

  • Tailored your resume(s)

  • Optimized your LinkedIn profile

  • Owned your personal portfolio

Module 5: DELIVER - Share YOUR story

Deliver when you network, apply, interview, and negotiate offer(s)

  • Your go-to market strategy to network

  • Strategies for where and how to apply for roles

  • Strategize and prepare for interview(s)

  • Negotiation job offer(s)

Build your self-confidence as you build your story.

Clear Outcomes, Value & Rationale, Context, and Activities included in every lesson


You are told at the start of every lesson what you should expect to have at the end of it, which gives intent before you start it.

Value & Rationale

You are provided with the value and rationale for every lesson to help you learn the purpose of why the lessons exists for you to do.


You are given the context that drove the lesson to be created in order to empower you with more knowledge for now and in the future.


Activities pair step-by-step instructions with interactive materials for over 300 pages of artifacts that will support your journey to get what you want next.

Types of activities include:

  • Actionable Checklists

  • Dynamic Templates

  • Cheatsheets

Multiple options available for you

*Free consult is only for your first live session.


Personalized coaching tailored to help you get what you want next in your career journey.

Safe partnership and support to embrace what feels right to you.

Live one-on-one sessions and asynchronous support that fits your lifestyle and needs

  • Schedule virtual sessions for live Career Coaching regularly

  • Honest advice and considerations on your career materials

  • Reliable motivation to help you achieve what you want next

  • Improve your communicate skills to be more effective

  • Access to our network of industry professionals

  • Networking and interview preparation

Multiple options available for you

*Free consult is only for your first live session.


Private community of Designers, like you, to help you get what you want next in your career journey.

Maintain motivation, grow your network, and gain insights.

Be involved in a blend of public and private channels based on membership level and interests

  • Stay relevant and grow with insights on industry trends and best practices.

  • Community support brings a sense of belonging to overcome challenges.

  • Structured discussions that provide an environment to learn and grow.

  • Opportunities for collaboration on projects, share skills, and lead.

  • Easier and more direct access to get your questions answered.

Invest in yourself.

Don't wait. Take the next step in your career journey now.

Multiple options available for you

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