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Career Community Membership

Join public channels to connect with other Designers.

Do It Myself


$50 USD /month

  • Everything in the Community Membership and...

  • Included in our Do It Myself members only channels

Career Momentum


$500 USD /month

  • Everything in the Do It Myself Membership and...

  • Included in our program members only coaching channels

  • Access to accountability peers

Career Expansion


Personalized /month

  • Everything in the Do It Myself Membership and...

  • Unlimited asynchronous advice on your career materials

  • Included in our expansion members only channels

  • Access to industry professionals

Individual service options

Services available to you outside of the membership levels that could address your unique needs

Pick an individual service that could help you own your carer journey!

Detailed review of YOUR career material(s) for $100 /piece

Perfect way to get a detailed assessment of YOUR material(s) of choice - ex: Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Portfolio, etc. You will receive a video full of actionable steps to improve how you might showcase your value. We'll focus on: (1) Who you are, (2) What you do, (3) How you do it, and (4) Where to reach you.

Solo access to CAREER CENTER FOR DESIGNERS™ for $200

Unlock access to the Career Center for Designers with this one-time purchase price. You'll gain unlimited access to all the valuable content and materials that can help you tell your story.

Single CAREER COACHING FOR DESIGNERS™ session for $300/hr

Single Career Coaching sessions of 25 or 50min are a great way for you to get the career help you seek. You can choose to address a short-term hurdle, get quick feedback on career materials, prepare for interviews, or how ever else you might want to check-in on your career journey.

Have a question? Hopefully these help!

Who should join Career Coach for Designers and its services?

Designers of any skill level from students to almost retired professionals could benefit from our services.

Steven has helped new Designers get their first position and Designers with 10+ years of experience. The primary differences comes down to the role(s) and responsibilities the Designer wants next to make sure they showcase the right experiences and skills.

The Career Center for Designers is designed for Designers at any stage of their career. The foundation and steps to help Designers get what they want next in their career journey is the same, independent of stage or experience.

How long will I have access to the materials, coaching, and community

Access duration is dependent on your membership or individual item purchase type. You will have access for as long as you maintain your membership in good standing, which is primary based on payment and our discretion of your involvement.

What is the refund policy on Career Coach for Designer services?

Due to the digital nature of our services and the fact that it contains instantly downloadable content, we do not offer any refunds for any reason.

Do you teach how to be a Designer or skills similar to a UX bootcamp?

No, Career Coach for Designers and it's services are not intended to replace or teach Design skills as UX bootcamp or education program. We could help you identify gaps in your experience that you might need or want to have for your next role, we will not teach you them.

Do you offer any job placement guarantee(s)?

No, we do not guarantee or promise you will get a job.

We can not do this because your outcomes and results are something we can not control.

If you still have a question, please contact us.

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